Troubleshooting & FAQ

The printer is loading several sheets of paper at one time.

Only load the recommended amount of paper and fan the paper before placing in the tray. Also ensure that the paper thickness lever is set correctly on the machine.

The pages are printing blank.

Inkjet printers - Have you removed the tape from the top of the inkjet cartridge? Have you allowed the printer to initialise (which feeds ink into the printhead)? If you have and it is still not corrected, we advise you do 2-3 cleaning cycles and then a test print page.

Laser printers - Was the seal removed prior to installing the cartridge? Is the cartridge empty?

The pages have streaks and appear dirty.

Laser printers - all cartridges drop minimal amounts of toner into the machine. If left to accumulate it can cause printing problems. Ensure a maintenance program is in place, whereby your equipment is cleaned and serviced every few months. Your printer may have worn parts or the cartridge is defective or empty.

There are white lines running through the print.

Inkjet printers - most print heads have a series of tiny holes through which the ink must pass. If any of these become blocked you will need to complete a few cleaning cycles in order to rectify the problem.

The printer is running slowly.

The printer has built-in fonts which makes it immediately available for printing. If using different fonts, being sent from your computer, this may take some time to communicate to your printer.

Toner dust is appearing.

Incorrect clearing of paper jams can cause toner dust to accumulate in your machine. This can lead to smudging on your prints. To avoid this when clearing a jam, where the paper begins to pick up print you can fold the paper so the print is on the inside of the fold and no toner will fall onto your charge wire or roller otherwise streaking could occur.

All toner cartridges will drop minimal amounts of toner into the machine. If it is left to accumulate it can cause printing problems. You should give your equipment a general cleaning every few months and a professional cleaning at least once a year. Everything in the paper path should be cleaned with a vacuum and dry rag. Rollers should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

There is fading or the low toner indicator is showing.

Fading can occur as the cartridge starts to run out of toner. Many laser printers also have an indicator to show when the toner is low. When you see this indicator you should replace the cartridge, however you may continue to run it until the print begins to fade. Once this occurs, remove the cartridge. Hold the cartridge on both sides and rotate it 90 degrees toward you and then away from you. This will bring up the remaining ink in the bottom of the cartridge. This may give you a further 50 copies or so, but when fading continues the cartridge is empty.